How To Make Kombucha at Home

KombuchaKombucha, the thousand year old fermented beverage is making a comeback as the new health drink of today. My first encounter with kombucha was nearly two years ago where the nicely decorated bottle held the slightly sour, fizzy, fermented beverage. Now it wasn’t the bottle or the “health claims” that drew me but rather the chia seeds that were so perfectly immersed into the cooled beverage.

Those little slimy chia seeds took me back to my childhood where one of my fondest memories of any beverage I consumed, next to Tang of course (mom where you trying to kill us with all of that sugar?) was Orbitz. Does anyone remember Orbitz? Anyone?  Apparently my sister and I were the only two on the face of the Earth who drank the weird stuff. 

If you don’t remember Orbitz it was a non-carbonated, fruit-flavored beverage that had small edible balls floating in it. Weird I know, and probably disgusting to many of you, hence why it is not longer made. But seriously, that texture was one of my favorite things. It was slightly strange but yet so addicting. The kombucha that sat on the grocery store shelf with little balls of chia seeds floating in it took me back to the Orbitz days and was calling my name. And thus where my kombucha journey began. … 

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Labor Day

Labor Day Recipe Roundup

Ahhh a three day weekend is upon us and it is so welcomed. I seriously love long weekends. Not because I get a break from my full-time job as a mother of three but because my hubby has Monday off. Oh Monday how I dread you. Monday’s they are just rough on three little children and a… 

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The Best Meal Planning Tip For the Busy Cook

Meal planning is a key component of eating healthy, especially while on a budget. Normally I’m not the most organized of people but this, this is an area of priority in my life. More importantly, I have come to understand how much easier this actually makes my life. It’s true that a few extra minutes… 

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How To Freeze Fruit

I thought it would be fun to do a how to week. So first up, how to properly freeze fruit. If you didn’t know, there is a right and wrong way to do this. Trust me, if you’ve ever frozen fruit the wrong way, you know it because you end up with one big frozen… 

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Pizza Stuffed Peppers

Can we all be in agreement that pizza is the bomb. Seriously though, it’s a pretty amazing creation. Unfortunately as a grain-free, health foodie I often find myself dreaming about it more than eating it. It pretty much haunts me most days. If anything, pizza is and always has been my craving. Nope, not chocolate… 

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Five Reasons Butter is Good For You

Not-guilty, the final verdict is out against butter. After 40 plus years of knocking butter and all of its golden, rich qualities the butter boom is finally among us. Butter is good for you. This makes a real food, health nut like myself jump for joy as the research is proving that butter is an… 

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Peppered Steak

Peppered Steak with Grilled Peach Salsa

Cooking fruit is one of my faaaavoooooriite ways to eat it. Talk about turning something sweet into something sweeter with a touch of savory. Oh yes, it can be done and it often ends up being our “dessert” after the kids go to bed. Not that I would deny the kids this dessert as it… 

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Avocado Hashbroffle

Avocado Toasts have taken the web by storm. They are everywhere with everyone having their new rendition of them. And its no lie, it would be a pretty good darn breakfast with the right ingredients if you could eat bread….wah wah wah. I mean who wouldn’t love creamy mashed avocado, maybe some bacon or what… 

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Five Reason's You Shouldn't Run |

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Run

Running, my medicine, my therapy. It’s been nine long months since I last hit the pavement running. While I know it is important to stay active while pregnant complications from my first pregnancy kept my feet well planted. It is hard, trying and challenging for me not to do the very thing that keeps me… 

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Rustic Peach Galette

Rustic constructed or made in a simple fashion. Just how I like it–simple, easy, quick and delicious. This galette is just that rustic. Some also classify it as the lazy mans pie. I’ll go with rustic as opposed to lazy. Although lazy is just what I was on Sunday and in need of pie so… 

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Waffled Hash Browns

Speaking of firsts, here’s another one. I am up later than my husband. WHAT? I feel almost like a rebel working past 9:00 at night (which I’m really not that proud of because I’m a big support of good ol’ shut eye) while my hubby is fast asleep in bed. Eeek! I really don’t know… 

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