Mashed Potaffles

Mashed Potaffles | simplerootswellness.comMashed Potaffles, its the hip spin to mashed potatoes. Yea, that’s right, hip. Didn’t know food could be hip did you? Now you do and it all begins in the waffle maker. Oh that glorious waffle maker that has such a horrible name. Seriously, don’t they know that by naming it a waffle maker it would make it seem like the only thing you could use it for is waffles? Such a terrible mistake in the kitchen gadget industry. But the good news is that you can dust that baby off and pull it out because it is the latest craze. First, if you haven’t been making waffled hash browns you are really missing out on the crispiest, evenly cooked hash browns around. And now this is the healthier version of fried mashed potatoes, and yes there is such a thing and they are quite amazing. Just whip up that extra mash you have left over with a few additional goodies, plop some in your heated waffle maker, close the lid and open five minutes later to remarkable, hip, mashed potaffles. Your kids will love you!

Speaking of kids, the hubs and I were going through some pictures on my computer a few nights ago and guess what, he couldn’t tell who was who in the baby pics. BHAHAHAHA, it was so funny that I continually quizzed him and fail, fail, fail. Now he has them memorized via the backgrounds so he knows (cheater). But it is remarkable how much the three little ones look alike. So much so that apparently their own dad can’t figure them out. So I thought it would be fun to do a little quiz with you too. Here is the picture of the girls when baby A was born…..take it in……. 

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Turkey Caesar Stuffed Sweet Potatoes |

Turkey Caesar Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Unique, I know. The hubs has already mentioned that. You see the first time I had mentioned this vision of Thanksgiving leftovers he turned his nose up at it. Caesar dressing on top of a sweet potato?!? He wasn’t feeling it at all. But don’t worry, that didn’t stop me. Nope, it made me want… 

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Paleo Double Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

The hubs and I just had a work meeting. ->INSERT EYE-ROLL<- If you didn’t know he is the magician behind the scenes doing computer coding, and whatever else you have to do to make this blog thing a reality. I am the creator, crafter and writer. I guess you could say this blog thing is… 

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Apple Cider Soy Brine |

Apple Cider Soy Brine

The one in charge of cooking the bird has a big responsibility. Let’s be honest, doesn’t everyone have a little fear of drying the bird out? The thought of cooking a turkey brings nightmares of National Lapoon’s Christmas Vacation. You know the scene? Everyone seated around the dinner table, Clark saying his fine words of… 

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Caramelized Onion and Sage Roasted Squash

One of the many things I love about the fall season is squash. Squash is the ultimate comfort food for me. A little bit of savory and a little bit of sweet, combined to add great flavor to many dishes. Can we get an Amen for that? But there is one little (literally) squash in… 

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Five Tips To a Healthy and Happy Holiday |

Five Tips To a Healthy and Happy Holiday

It’s official. Thanksgiving is just over a week away. Holiday parties, feasts and festivities are about to consume our lives. To even the most dedicated health nerds, the holidays can be an overwhelming battle. It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, gathering with friends and family but so often we… 

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Homemade Green Bean Casserole |

Homemade Green Bean Casserole

It snowed! White, fluffy, ->COUGH<- beautiful, and very cold snow fell this weekend. While it seems a tid early for that to happen, I suppose it is the middle of November and Thanksgiving is just a week and away a half away! The hustle and bustle of the Holidays is upon us so we took… 

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Grain Free Apple Pie Biscuits |

Grain Free Apple Pie Biscuits

T-minus 13 days until turkey day. Thirteen days! Are you kidding, how, when, where has fall gone? And gone it is as our temperatures here in the heartland took a turn for the worse about four days ago. It is frigid and just downright cold. Good thing I have no plans, no where to go,… 

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Savory Dripping Free Gravy

Riiiiicccchhhh, creeeaaaammmmyy, gggrraaavvvyyy!  The glue that brings everything together. It is so delicious I could swoon over it. Say it again with me, rich, creamy, gravy. You want it, you need, you must have it! And let’s be honest, what would Thanksgiving be without the goodness of gravy? You know, so delicious you could pour… 

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Garlic Mashed Root Vegetables

As I promised, we are now getting to the good stuff in this Thanksgiving series. Smashed, crrrreeeaaamy, garlicky root veggies. Just when they think your going to whip up the standard mashed potato substitute, cauliflower, she throws a curve-ball. Nope, notta, no cauliflower here in this bowl. Just thick, hearty mashed potatoes, turnips and parsnips. Pars-n-i,… 

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Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprout Salad with Cranberry Sauce

It’s Friday and the start of my eight series post all on Thanksgiving. Eight posts, eight delicious traditional and healthified thanksgiving dishes, leaving you with no more excuses as to why you can’t eat healthy this Holiday season. Whah Whah Whah. So I’d thought we’d jump right in with what could be the most feared vegetable… 

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