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As a nutritionist, I have a passion for helping you use real foods to create realistic changes into your life by incorporating good nutrition for the whole picture of health and wellness.

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5 Ways to Eliminate Cellulite

5 Ways to Eliminate Cellulite |

Cellulite, a problem that has plagued women everywhere. In fact 90% of women 20 years and older will develop cellulite at some point in their life and it doesn’t discriminate, affecting people of all ages, shapes and sizes. While mostly a women’s problem affecting only 10% of men, it is something that many women want to addressed, so let’s do that. Before we get into the five tips to eliminate cellulite, you must first understand how our fat cells work and more importantly why it is more commonly found on a woman’s body….

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Grain Free Soft Tortilla Shells |

Grain Free Tortilla Shells

I’ve died. Or I’m living in a dream. Can someone please pinch me? This is real. These soft, chewy, pliable, grain free tortilla shells happened and I’m not even dreaming it. Oh that very thing that you thought for sure you couldn’t live without when giving up wheat. Well have I got news for you. They are…

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DIY Household Cleaners |

Household Cleaners Hall of Shame

While our bodies are efficient, hard-working cleansing machines, the chemical load that is induced on our body daily is stressing. It is stressing our liver, our metabolism, our immune system and throwing off our hormones. As we’ve previously talked about the enormous load of chemicals we purposely put on our skin daily via lotions, concealers,…

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Eat Pretty Things Book Review |

Eat Pretty Things Book Review

An image is a story, capturing life. An image has meaning, it has depth and it has beauty. Even the food we capture tells a story and those recipes have meaning and memories whether it be you sitting around the dinner table as a family or eating it on Christmas Eve. The essence of a…

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Meatball- casserole-1

Meatball Casserole

Comfort. Any way you look at it meatball casserole screams comfort. We were in desperate need of some food love in this house. While I am leery of ever using food as comfort, there are certain foods that just fill a soul with warmth. That deep down satisfying, warm, savory food that fills every bare crack. That…

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