Goat Cheese Queso with Sriracha Plus Secrets Revealed

Goat Cheese Queso with Sriracha | simplerootswellness.com

Can I just say TGIF? Yes, glorious Friday is here, we can all sit back now and relax. Originally I was going to post my double decker pineapple upside down cake with tart cherry sauce. I know, it is incredible but that is going to have to wait because I have come up with something much more important for the coming weekend, sriracha goat cheese queso. It is my everything right now. And all you dairy-free people out there are about to go bonkers with this one. ->SQUEAL<-

So in honor of the big game or those who could care less about the game, but still want to partake in some game-day food–here is your ticket. Creamy, tangy goat cheese with chopped tomatoes, fresh salsa, chopped green chilis, and a drizzle (or more) of sriracha warmed into a marvelously thick, rich dip. Just like queso without all the unknown, artificial ingredients and nasty preservatives and with only five ingredients and five minutes. Can we say, winner?… 

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3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi | simplerootswellness.com

3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Last week I was gushing over this 15-minute, three ingredient, allergen friendly sweet potato gnocchi. Sinfully good is what it is. I know I’ve you  told you but I’m telling you again, I’m obsessed with this creation! It makes me want to squeal every time I get a batch done. I mean I’ve only made… 

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10 Satisfying Snack Ideas | simplerootswellness.com

Ten Satisfying Snack Ideas

This is part 3 of our snacking series. Check out part 1, Five Fat Burning Snack Tips and part 2, Healthy Snack Tips for Kids for more tips on eating healthy snacks.  In part 1 of the snacking series we went through the five fat burning snack tips. These tips are the foundation to snacking. It is how… 

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Super Bowl Round-up | simplerootswellness.com

Super Bowl Recipe Round-up

It’s here, the time has come Super Bowl weekend is upon us and that means game food. It’s all about the dips, sauces and spreads. I must admit I’m a Super Bowl fan because of the commercials and food rather than the game. Go ahead and hate, it’s the truth and I know I’m not… 

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Brown Butter Sweet Potato Gnocchi | simplerootswellness.com

Brown Butter Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Go ahead and pinch yourself… This isn’t a dream, this really happened. What, you may ask? These delicious, chewy, balls of dough are what happened. They are so good it seems sinful. Like an epic fail in the nutrition world, but then you burst into a smile and release a musical symphony of mmm’s because you… 

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Healthy Snack Tips for Kids

It seems like an impossible feat, to raise healthy eaters in a world laden with processed foods targeted specifically at our children. From cereals, energy drinks, candy bars and everything in between, it is hard to understand and decide what is a healthy snack and how to put it together for our growing children. I am… 

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Orange Creamsicle Chia Seed Pudding | simplerootswellness.com

Orange Creamsicle Chia Seed Pudding

I’m just going to be up front with you here…I need to vent. ->INSERT DEEP BREATHS<- I know this is a food blog and you really come here to get nutrition information but sometimes, all I can do is show you real life. My real, crazy, life. So I’m warning you now, just skim to the… 

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Citrus Funfetti Cookie | simplerootswellness.com

Citrus Funfetti Cookie

Funfetti. I’m at a loss for words. Are you smiling, like in a kid in a candy store kind of way? I thought so. But who doesn’t crack a smile when they see a baked good loaded with rainbow goodness in every bite and drizzled with citrus glaze? The color, the crunch, the peer excitement… 

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Five Fat Burning Snack Tips | simplerootswellness.com

Five Fat Burning Snack Tips

Snacking is like the uncharted territory when it comes to nutrition. Most people prefer to snack or even need to snack, yet it can easily be done in the wrong fashion. This can lead to weight gain, brain fog, and blood sugar crashes. It is not something that is usually planned and tends to be… 

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Creamy Corn Chowder | simplerootswellness.com

Creamy Corn Chowder

Corn, I ate it, it happened, go ahead and gasp. I’m not going to be a hypocrite or a lier and tell you that I don’t eat corn, that I don’t like corn. The reality is that corn chowder could very well…scratch that, it is my favorite soup ever. Although corn is one of the top… 

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Traditional Hawaiian Flatbread with Crispy Pancetta | simplerootswellness.com

Traditional Hawaiian Flatbread with Crispy Pancetta

Flatbread Friday is back. Man it has been a while but seriously this one is amazing. In honor of the hubs birthday I thought I would take him back to the absolute best Hawaiian pizza we have ever eaten. I also just wanted to take him to a happy place, not that it isn’t happy around… 

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